Wednesday, 4 April 2012

2011 Week One vs. Lions: 2nd quarter

NOTE: all uses of "left" and "right" are ALWAYS taken from the OFFENCE'S perspective, whichever team is on O. As always, "strongside" refers to the side of the field where the O's TE is lined up.

4th & 7: Bucs punt. Parker (who presumably is playing gunner on punt coverage) is first man to reach the Lions returner but their is a Lions player with him, Parker can't separate from the blocker so the returner runs around and heads back infield. Devin Holland, who looks to be the other gunner dives for the PR's legs but doesn't make contact. Lions PR runs forward past Corey Lynch, but Lynch gets a hand to his ankle, causing him to stumble forward. Earnest Graham wraps him up & forces him to ground.


1st & 10: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (right) 1 Hback (left) 2 WR Stafford under center. Bucs line up 4-3 Over (Quincy on LOS). Clayborn & Bennett DE, McCoy & Miller DT. Corners line up on LOS, safeties back deep. At snap, Lions H-back motions across, sets up right of TE. Play is a toss to the strongside. TE & Hback look to be lead blockers. Whole DL get a very good push on the OL, causing huge holes to appear between them. Quincy moves laterally at the snap, tying up HBack, while the TE is occupied blocking Foster. Leaves Geno, who scythes in through massive hole caused by Bennett & McCoy's disruption and makes a solid form tackle on the RB. Lions lose 2 on the play.

2nd & 12: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (right) 3 WR (slot left) Stafford in Shotgun. Bucs line up in nickel. Lions flagged for false start.

2nd & 17: Lions line up same formation. Bucs line up 3 man DL Bennett/McCoy/Clayborn with Watson standing on LOS. Talib playing 9 yards off one wideout, Biggers playing 8 yards off other wideout. Jones Quincy Geno Ronde line up in box. Prior to snap, Ronde creeps up to line outside Watson, Talib bails deep. Ronde backs away from line. At snap, DL & Ronde rush passer, Watson drops back from line. Quincy & Geno drop, Jones covers flat. McCoy is double teamed. Bennett pushes his blocker back and then sheds the block. Clayborn beats his blocker easily, comes close to making the sack, forces Stafford to throw to RB in flat. Ball deflects off RB's hands, Jones could have picked it off but ball falls through his hands.

3rd & 17: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (left) 3 WR (slot left) Stafford in shotgun. Bucs line up three man DL, Watson again on LOS. Biggers playing deep off on wideout (cannot see CB covering other wideout so assume likewise playing deep off), Talib in slot, lined up on LOS. Hayes shows blitz. Stafford snaps ball, DL & Hayes rush passer, Watson drops, Black comes on delayed blitz. Pocket collapses, Stafford forced to roll out, refs blow play dead, delay of game on Lions.

3rd & 22: Lions line up 2 RB (one next to Stafford one 1 yard in front offset) 3 WR (slot left) Stafford shotgun. Bucs line up three man DL (Price DT), Watson on LOS (otherside this time), Quincy showing blitz in A gap, Ronde creeps up to line & shows blitz on outside across from Watson. CBs play 12 yards off. Grimm & Geno line up 7-8 yards back on hash marks. Jones lines up middle of field in line with CBs. DL rush passer, all others drop into coverage. Clayborn beats double team & forces Stafford to roll out. Price pursues, comes close to Stafford launches deep bomb to Johnson. Johnson gets his hands on ball but Talib & Biggers get their hands to the ball, force it loose. Incomplete. Talib down on the ground hurt. Looks like Biggers ran through Talib in the air, hitting him on the head.

4th & 22: Lions punt. Lynch fights through the line and comes close to getting his hand to the ball. Ball bounces in front of Spurlock & way over his head. Sensibly leaves it for the Lions coverage to touch down.


1st & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB (Blount) 1 TE (Stocker, left) 1 Hback (Winslow, left) 2 WR (Benn left Williams right) Freeman under center. Pre-snap Benn motions into middle of formation. Freeman fakes handoff to Blount (pulls ball back before he reaches Blount, which fails to sell the handoff) & rolls out. Winslow & Williams fly up field. Benn continues running to opposite sideline on a drag route. Blount pretends to have handoff and stays in to block. Edge rusher sees Freeman pulling ball back in early, doesn't fall for the fake, chases Free. Rusher jumps to try bat down but Free doesn't throw ball. This slows edge rusher down, gives Free chance to get away. He rolls round and up to the LOS, looks downfield to find a receiver. From Free's expression, looks like no-one's open. Realises this, sees defenders about to reach him, tucks ball in and runs forward for maybe 1 yard. Tulloch hits him high & brings him to ground. Blount Joseph & Trueblood jog over as play is blown dead.

2nd & 9: Bucs line up 1 RB (Blount) 1 FB (Lorig offset left) 1 TE (Stocker left) 2 WR (Benn left tight Williams right wide) Freeman under center. Free takes the snap, three step drop, throws high ball to Williams down sideline. Trueblood washes defender around Freeman. Joseph initially gets pushed back by Suh but recovers when Suh attempts spin move, stops Suh. Faine & Larsen initially double team 1-tech. Larsen peels off to pick up blitzing LB. Faine holds 1-tech for a short while, 1-tech gets past him but Faine follows him & pushes him out the way. Larsen picks up the blitzing LB but cannot stop him. Blount doubleteams with Larsen & stops blitzing LB. Penn washes his defender out way. Lorig runs to flat. Stock runs very short hitch route. Benn runs medium hitch route. Williams runs go route. Ball gets to Williams; Williams turns round, jumps high & reigns in catch for 18 yard gain. First down.

1st & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB (Blount) 1 FB (Lorig) 1 TE (Stocker right) 2 WR (Benn left slot Williams left wide) Freeman under center. Benn motions across formation, sets up between Trueblood & Stocker. Play is Power-O to strong side. Stocker blocks DE out the play. Benn runs through the play hole (C gap) and blocks a DB out the the play. Lorig runs through hole, meets a defender head on and stops defender dead, blocks him out the play. Trueblood looks to DT, sees he is going the other way & looks back upfield, see LB, tries to block him but LB slips out the block, Trueblood sees slot CB coming free & hits him, but then lets CB carry on and instead blocks a DL back at LOS, with play going on far behind him; in Trueblood's defense, the block on the CB sets one edge of the running lane for Blount. Larsen pulls across from left hand side of play & runs through hole same time as Lorig, block the LB that Trueblood comes free, setting the edge of the running lane for Blount - if Larsen doesn't make this block, LB meets Blount at LOS; however, should never have been Larsen's responsibility, Trueblood should have made the block, which would have left Larsen to lead block; Larsen dominates the block on the LB, pushing him back into a second Lions defender, thereby blocking the second defender also out the play. Joseph pushes 3-tech out the way (holds). Faine pushes 1-tech out the way, does not continue to block him but play is already past him. Penn steps back & waits for DE to come to him; DE never does, meaning Penn never engages him - DE chases play down; if safety hadn't already made the tackle, that DE would have. Williams runs a narrow slant half-heartedly towards CB (new Buc Eric Wright), makes a very weak attempt at a block. Blount takes handoff, runs towards the hole & sees cutback lane between Larsen & Trueblood. Makes a single cut then runs hard upfield. Lions safety comes down, wraps up around Blount's legs, brings him down for gain of five.

2nd & 5: Hard to tell how the Bucs are lining up from terrible camera angle, as play has a quick snap. From this angle, looks like Blount is lined up at H-back, maybe TE. Play seems to be intended as smoke route. Lots of linemen on the floor when camera angle changes, assume some type of mass cut block. Blount runs up to DE, tangles him up briefly but DE manages to push off Blount. Pass is incomplete to Benn. Very hard to see anyone else doing anything because of camera angle.

3rd & 5: Bucs line up 1 RB (Graham) 4 WR (Williams left wide Parker left slot Winslow right slot Briscoe right wide) Freeman in Shotgun. (Lions DL line up what looks like 2i- 5- & 9-tech all on right hand side, 9-tech other side). Pre-snap Williams motions across formation, ball is snapped when Williams is inside of Parker. Trueblood washes DE out the play. Joseph & Faine double team 2i-tech. Larsen tries to pick up blitzing LB, fails but LB shoots wide of Freeman. Penn is able to keep DE off Freeman. Graham picks up a second blitzing LB. Williams, mid-motion at the snap, slants across middle of field. Winslow & Benn both appear to also run slants. Parker runs corner route. Free throws to Parker, catches it, get two feet down as he runs OB.

1st & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB (Blount) 1 TE (Stocker left) 1 Hback (Winslow left) 2 WR (Benn right slot Williams right wide) Freeman under center. Prior to snap, Williams motions across. As Williams gets to Benn ball is snapped. Flag is thrown at snap. All O-line successfully block Lions D, as well as Stocker & Winslow who doubleteam DE. Blount stays in to block but no-one there. Freeman has lots of time, throws ball high & far (only Benn & Williams downfield). Looks like Free was hoping to throw in front of Benn, instead falls behind him, covering DB intercepts the ball. Two flags on play, both on O - illegal shift on Williams, OPI on Benn. Result of the play is a touchback (the ball was picked off in end zone)


1st & 10: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (right) 1 Hback (right) 2 WR (either side) Stafford in shotgun. Clayborn & Bowers DE, Okam & Price DT. Hayes/Foster/Black LBs. Talib is back in, lined up directly opposite WR. On other side Barber is playing 8 yards off. Jones lines up in box outside righthand hashmarks. Grimm apperas to be back deep. At play, Barber runs into middle, Jones out to cover flat. Appears to be Cover 2 (Barber dropping to cover deep zone), with zone underneath. Clayborn is cutblocked, can't stay on feet, taken out play. Price is blocked out the play by the guard. Right guard cutblocks Okam, who goes down hard. Right tackle attempts to cutblock Bowers, stays on his feet but can't get around the OT quick enough & the pass is away. Calvin Johnson runs a slant through the zones. Talib starts off covering Johnson, but as the RB releases into the flat he becomes Talib's responsibility, meaning he peels off Johnson. Geno is WAY too slow over, Johnson gets behind him and Stafford passes it inside Geno and into Johnson's hands. Foster comes over quickly, wraps around Johnson's legs and brings him to ground, keeping the tackle wrapped up. Johnson has already taken the ball 20 yards (if Geno was in position might only have been a gain of 7, or, if he would have read the play better, could have been in position to step in front of the pass & picked it off, but Hayes was too far away from Johnson).

1st & 10: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (left) 2 Hback (left) 1 WR (right) Stafford under center. Bucs line up same DL same LB Ronde over left-most Hback Talib playing 5 yards off line, safeties deep. Play is an RB dive with a cutback to backside. Ronde successfully evades Hback block & dives at RB's legs but comes up empty. Clayborn uses swimmove to get past his blocker (TE), runs immediately into RG who has pulled across formation - HOWEVER TE has wrapped his arms around Clayborn and drags him to ground, one of the most blatant holds you're likely to see. Okam gets completely overpowered by an LT-LG doubleteam, then by the LG on his own as LT moves up to second level. Lions C blocks Price well at first, but Price disengages, runs back up downfield and wraps up RB from behind making the tackle. Bowers fires downfield but overshoots the play. Quincy is blocked by the inside Hback and ends up on the ground. Foster waits and tries to find the play but seems to get lost, finally sees RB running past him, manages to get a hand to RB's leg, slows him down for Price to wrap up. LT blocks Geno out of the play. Jones comes down from safety and dives into Best as Price brings him down. Gain of 9.

2nd & 1: Brian Price jumps offside.

1st & 10:  Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (left) 3 WR (slot right) Stafford in shotgun. Bucs line up Crowder & Bennett DE Miller & McCoy DT Ronde covering slot 4 yards off Talib & Biggers 9-10 yards off (looks like man coverage) Quincy & Geno in middle of box Jones creeping up to strongside of line. Calvin Johnson in motion, Talib drops deep back. Ball is snapped. Play is RB counter. Megatron block Jones. Jones is able to shed block, sidesteps vertically with Best but never goes into him until he's already been wrapped up by Crowder. Crowder is blocked initially by TE but is able to disengage from blocker & wraps up Best as he jukes towards & past him. McCoy gets good burst but his held still by doubleteam of LT & LG. Miller is blocked by C for a long time but eventually disengages & runs downfield, dives into already-grounded Best. Bennett is blocked by RT long enough to be taken out the play. Geno reads the play, comes into the hole but is blocked out the play by the pulling RG. Black also reads play, comes down into position, but hesitates & Best sidesteps around Quincy (the sidestep allows Crowder to come back and make the tackle but makes additional 2 yards compares to where Quincy could have tackled him). Gain of 6. After the play, Lions OL dives over the pile & headfirst into Ronde. Flag, unnecessary roughness.

2nd & 19: Lions line up same formation. Bucs line up 3 man DL (Bennett/McCoy/Clayborn) Watson lined up on LOS strongside Geno lined up on LOS outside Watson, Quincy & Ronde inside hash marks as LBs (leaving slot uncovered). Talib lined up press, Biggers lined up 9 yards off, safeties deep. Geno rushes passer, is blocked by RB, LT comes with him but is unneeded. Clayborn is blocked by LG. McCoy is doubleteamed by C & RG. Bennett gets washed past Stafford. Watson drops into coverage, trails TE. Stafford passes ball to TE, TE catches, Watson immediately wraps his arms & brings TE to ground. Gain of 7-8 yards.

3rd & 11: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (right) 3 WR (slot right). Bucs line up same 3 man DL Watson on LOS strongside. Ronde lined up directly across slot, Talib lines up 5 yards off, Biggers 8 yards off. Hayes & Black inside box. DL + Watson rush passer. Clayborn manages to get past LT, wraps arms around Stafford but not before pass is away. McCoy gets doubleteamed by LG & C, but manages to push them right back. Bennett is blocked by RG, manages to disengage but pass is thrown as soon as he does. Watson gets washed right out the play by the RT. Bucs appear to be playing cover 2 man underneath. Quincy runs with TE. Geno covers RB, who runs up to LOS the slants across to the right. Geno trails the RB,who catches the ball 4 yards past LOS. Geno wraps up around him, but he gets brought down five yards later. Gain of 9.

4th & 3: Bucs take time out.

4th & 3: Lions line up same formation. Bucs line up same 3 man DL Watson on LOS strongside. All Talib, Biggers & Mack are playing pressing their WR on the LOS - Biggers in the slot. on the outside. Ronde & Quincy each on one of the two hashmarks on the right hand side of hashes. Clayborn bullrushes his OT but can't push him back fast enough to get to Stafford. McCoy struggles with the doubleteam. Bennett likewises bullrushes the RG but can't there fast enough. Watson again overshoots and is easily washout out the play by the RT. Coverage of back 7 is again cover 2 man underneath, Hayes on TE, Black on RB. Megatron runs a stop&go. Talib stops with Johnson, now trails him on the go route. Talib sees Johnson looking back, turns round to look for a pick. Johnson gets a few extra yards, Stafford throws high, over Talib's outstretched hands & into Johnson's hands. Jones, who moves over to help cover, sees Talib jump & slows down to see outcome of play, as a result is left behind as Johnson runs & crosses goal line.

Touchdown. PAT good.

13-10 Lions.

Lions kickoff. Touchback.


1st & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB (Blount) 1 FB (Lorig) 1 TE (Winslow, right) 2 WR (Williams left Benn right) Freeman under center. No motion. Bucs run an RB misdirection. Lorig & Blount both initially run as if heading off-tackle left, the Blount cuts back inside. Lorig lands a nice hit on the WLB, then continues downfield. Penn blocks his DE, but again, waits for the contact to come to him, rather than going to the defender & drive blocking him. Larsen & Faine doubleteam 1-tech, then Faine peels off. Larsen is pushed into backfield by the DT but (thanks to some holding) keep him out the play. After Faine peels off, blocks the MLB for long enough, though is never properly locked in with him. Joseph goes up to second level and gets his hands on the SLB, pushes him back but likewise never truly locks him up, could have been in position to make a play on Blount if Blount had not gone down about 1 yard earlier. Trueblood blocks Suh well. K2 fails in blocking the DE, who pushes K2 back, then peels off and contributes to gangtackle on Blount. Williams manages to keep the CB (Wright) on him through some minor pushing. Benn runs into the cutback lane to provide a block to help spring Blount. Benn sees a safety come into box, has to choose between blocking the safety or the CB that is covering him, chooses to block safety, the CB (together with the DE who K2 was responible for) makes the tackle on Blount. Blount takes the handoff, heads towards the left side of the line, then cuts back through a large hole on the right side. Sees the safety in front of him, with the SLB about to come off Joseph's block, and cuts right instead, right into the CB who had been on Benn. If Blount had looked left, there would have been a large hole between Lorig on the WLB and Faine on the MLB. Gain of 4.

2nd & 6: Bucs line up 1 RB (Blount) 1 TE (Winlsow left) 1 Hback (Stocker left) 2 WR (Benn left Williams right) Freeman under center. Stocker motions to behind Larsen, then waits there. Both WRs run slants, then appear to block safeties. Benn runs in front of the FS, and mirrors him. Williams sees the SS coming down, literally just places hands on him then stands still as the SS runs past him - and makes the tackle on Blount. K2 blocks the DE, holding him massively but the DE still gets away, runs all the way back to Blount, though by the time he gets their Blount is down. Penn and Larsen doubleteam the DT, until Larsen peels off to pick up an LB; Penn is at a bad angle to the DT, however, and the DT eventually gets off the block. Larsen peels off the doubleteam to pick up the SLB coming into the hole, makes a good block - without that block, Blount could have been tackled at the LOS. Faine blocks the other DT, DT shoots past him easily but Faine goes with him, pushes the DT (Suh) past the play, and holds him slightly to keep him behind (looks like Joseph should have chip on the DT before going up to the second level, but doesn't). Joseph slips past Suh, barely touching him, and makes a beeline straight for the WLB, gets a big initial punch but that forces the LB back, Joseph comes back to him to get in a proper block, gets him to the ground (Joseph ends up on ground too, looks like Stockers & MLB fell into back of his legs). Joseph, however, did not push the LB back, which lets the LB get a hand to Blount, slowing him down enough for other defenders to get to him. Trueblood pushes his DE out the play, doesn't maintain the block at all, but has been pushed far enough past the play where he can't get back to Blount. Stocker, after the motion, leadblocks through the strongside A gap (between Larsen & Faine). Makes a good initial hit on the MLB, but the force of the hit forces Stocker (!) to fall to his knees. He immediately gets back up and resumes the block, not pushing him any further back, but gets him on the ground, falling through Joseph's legs. Blount receives the handoff, follows Stocker through the hole. Sees that there is traffic ahead, bounces to the outside. Has room, but the LB Joseph was blocking gets a hand to his legs, knocking him off balance. Blount turns it into a spin, but the SS (who was Williams' responsibility) comes down & tackles Blount in the back (with Blount mid-spin and facing the wrong way). The CB who was covering Williams also hits Blount at the same time, bringing him to ground. Gain of 2.

3rd & 2: Bucs line up 1 RB (Blount) 1 TE (Stocker right) 1 Hback(ish) (Winslow right, but standing up like a receiver) 2 WR (Benn left tight Williams left wide) Freeman under center. Penn drops back, blocks the DE solidly. Larsen doubleteams the DT with Faine, then peels off to try pick up a blitzing LB, but Larsen completely whiffs on the LB, who ends up pressuring Freeman into an early throw. Faine maintains the block on the DT, then drops back, looking for a delayed rusher on the edge, but keeping with the DT (who's given up on the play). Joseph initially doubleteams with Trueblood DT, but picks up blitzing LB, locks him up. Trueblood handles DT well, falls over backwards over Blount (who has cutblocked Tulloch) but the DT is far enough away from Freeman that he's completely out the play. Stocker tries to block DE, initially keeps up with the DE but the DE widens his angle, Stocker doesn't widen and DE ends up going past him, pressures Freeman. Blount is pass protecting on the strongside, sees Tulloch blitzing inside of Trueblood & Stocker, cutblocks him, Tulloch pulls up short so as to avoid cutblock but this slows him down enough where he's never threatening Freeman. Looks like Benn runs a sluggo (slant route into a go route), Williams runs a go route, K2 runs a slant. Freeman, pressured by the LB Larsen failed to block, throws to K2, but DB leaps on his back, knocking ball away.

4th & 2: Punt. One of the gunners is blocked completely. The other (Holland) gets close but the blocker forces him outside the PR, who rolls infield and upfield. However, Lorig is down on him, forcing him to run backwards (while still running laterally). Sean Jones comes down & dives at his legs but misses, but this forces the returner even further back. Foster comes down & dives at his legs but gets a good wrap around one of the returner's legs, getting him on the ground.


1st & 10: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (right) 2 Hbacks (right) 1 WR (left) Stafford under center. Bucs line up Bowers/McCoy/Miller/Crowder DL, Quincy/Foster/Geno LB, Talib lined up 6 yards off WR, Ronde lined up on line opposite right-most Hback, safeties 15 yards back. Play is RB dive to the weakside. Talib waits for WR to run up to him, WR half-heartedly blocks. Ronde tries to cover both Hbacks who come forward, moving to the left, never really release downfield but Ronde stays with them just in case. Crowder is initially blocked out the play, but keeps anchored, and manages to get off just as the RB gets to him, but the RB is already tackled by then. Miller is doubleteamed and gets pushed back, blocked out the play. RG attempts to block McCoy, but can't stop him, McCoy gets an arm round the RB, stopping him enough for Bowers to come in. The TE attempts to block Bowers but likewise can't stop him, Bowers wraps up around the RB, and him and McCoy, who still has his arm around the RB, bring him to the ground together. Hayes comes down, reads the play, but is blocked out by the LG who peels off his doubleteam on Miller. Foster reads the play too, but doesn't see the RT coming to block him, RT hits him hard but Foster stays upright when play is blown dead. Quincy follows the other two LBs, but is out of position from the running hole. The inside Hback comes up to block him, but play is over soon as Hback gets two hands on Quincy. Safeties appear to stay deep. Loss of one on the play.

2nd & 11: Lions line up empty backfield 1 TE (right) 4 WR (2-2) Stafford in shotgun. Bucs line up same DL Talib & Biggers on wideouts 6 yards off, Geno lines up opposite right slot receiver 7 yards up, Ronde & Quincy remain inside box, safeties deep. Three step drop by Stafford. Crowder is blocked out the play by the LT. Miller is doubleteamed by the LG & C. McCoy stunts outside, Bowers loops inside. Both are picked up, but the drop is so quick, impossible to tell what could have come of it. Bucs back seven again look like they're in old-school Tampa 2 (Quincy drops deep, implying the traditional middle deep Cover 3 zone that the MLB covers in Tampa 2). Biggers & Talib both backpedal with their WRs, but stop short around the downmarker - the ball is thrown at that point, but from the way they are looking infield, suggests they stop moving backwards because they are sticking to their zones, rather than because the ball has been thrown. Geno reacts very slowly to the TE running a hitch route into his zone. Stafford throws the ball to the TE, and Geno is on top of him as soon as he catches it - BUT if Geno had reacted quicker, could easily have been a pass broken up.

3rd & 6: Lions line up empty backfield 1 TE (left) 4 WR (2-2) Stafford in shotgun. Bucs line up same personnel. DTs switch, Quincy shows blitz then drops back, all pre-snap. Talib & Biggers playing 5 yards off, Ronde playing at SLB. Both Lions slots uncovered. Crowder runs around the LT, but the tackle holds him massively, keeping him off Stafford. Miller is completely blocked by the LG. McCoy is still shifting across as the ball is snapped, meaning he doesn't get his usual burst off, resulting in him being tied up by the RG. Bowers gets a punch from the RT, which rocks him back, and rather than going back at the RT, looks inside for an open gap to the QB, but the ball is away. Back seven again in Tampa 2. Ronde, who's covering the left-of-middle zone, comes down to cover the TE, who slants across the field and through to the right-hand side of the field (into Hayes' zone). Ronde, having vacated his zone by coming down to cover the TE, is slow back into the middle of his zone, leaving him way out of position. Nate Burleson (who was lined up in the left slot) runs a 9-yard curl into the vacated zone and is wide open, Stafford hits him, and he turns upfield. Talib comes to him but hesitates. Black comes down but also overshoots, Burleson sidesteps round him. Grimm comes across but Burleson's sidestep leaves him with a bad angle. Grimm however gets back to him, and flails his arms at Burleson, but is too far behind to ever have a shot at wrapping him up properly, but slows him down slightly. Hayes sees the completed pass to Burleson, and listlessly jogs over, until he sees Burleson's sidestep, at which point Hayes finally sprints to try bring him down - Grimm had slowed Burleson enough where Geno is able to get his hand on his shoulder and start bringing him down, though again doesn't wrap up. Sean Jones sees the play develop and runs over, taking a good angle on Burleson, and lands a solid hit, though again without wrapping up. Gain of 29 on the play.

1st & 10: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (left) 3 WR (slot right) Stafford in shotgun. Bucs line up DL Bennett/Price/Okam/Crowder, Ronde lined up at WLB, safeties deep. Play is RB draw. Crowder is blocked by the TE, but keeps his feet square and doesn't allow himself to get pushed back, which forces the RB to bounce back inside, rather than running off-tackle like he appears to originally want to do. Okam gets doubleteamed by the LT & LG, getting pushed back 2-3 steps but after that staying his ground. Price is quick off the line, but gets blocked by the C, until the C pushes him away, leaving Price to come in and land on the pile. Bennett gets blocked by the RT, but disengages and loops back around looking for the play, but the RB is already down. Talib and Biggers are both kept out the play by their WRs. Ronde sees the Lions RG pulling across the play, reads the play, and scythes down through a big hole between the C and the LG, and as the RB runs past, Ronde gets in an ankle tap, bringing the RB down. Geno sees the play, comes down into the box, shades outside of Crowder (were the RB originally heads towards), then the pulling RG, who has run up through the hole between the TE & LT, runs into him as the play is blown dead. Quincy comes down to the box, but sees the play is over. After the play is blown dead, the LG, peeling off Okam, comes up and smacks Quincy to the floor. Refs miss a blatant unnecessary roughness. Gain of 3.

2nd & 7: Lions line up same formation but with the TE on the right - Bucs same formation. Play is a slot receiver screen off of play-action. Crowder does the same as before - locking up with the LT, keeping his feet square & not getting pushed back; when the pass is thrown, Crowder disengages but only ever jogs towards the play. Price gets doubleteamed by LG & C, but gets through the middle - though looks like they could have released him to set up the screen; Price runs to the RB, but noting he doesn't get the ball, turns towards Stafford but the ball is thrown; Price only jogs towards the play from then on, but on Price, it looks more because he's too tired/exhausted/dehydrated to move any faster. The RG attempts to block Okam, but Okam overpowers him, and despite being held by the guard, gets to Stafford as the ball is thrown; however, after the pass, shows no signs of hustling over to the play. Bennett is initially doubleteamed by the RT & TE, before the TE releases to block for the slot, at which point Bennett completley overpowers the RT, landing the RT on his back, but as the ball is thrown the moment Bennett steps over the grounded RT, Bennett runs downfield and is the only DL to show evidence of hustling to the play, adding to the pile on the slot with Ronde & Jones. Biggers stays with the WR, then disappears out of frame. Talib sees the play developing, runs to towards the slot catching the ball, but thanks to a push from Calvin, overshoots the play, and doesn't get back to it. Quincy waits and sees the play, then runs towards the slot, but again hesitates, and by the time he decides to go for it, only manages to briefly get his arms around the receiver before slipping away. Geno is late reacting to the play, but when he does notice it and run toward it, a lions OL attempts to cutblock him; while the cutblock misses, it looks like Geno trips up over the OL's feet. Ronde reacts to the play, but the TE blocks him; however, Ronde fights through the block, and manages to wrap up around the receiver, but cannot bring him down. Grimm runs over, but seems to either overshoot the play, or cannot get to the receiver's body as him and Ronde are twisting around, but gets a hand to the receivers legs, slowing him down. As the receiver starts heading to the ground, Sean Jones comes in to help bring him down, and then Bennett on top of the pile. Gain of 14, first down.

1st & 10: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (right) 3 WR (slot left) Stafford in shotgun. Bucs line up, Clayborn replaces Crowder, otherwise same personnel. Play is RB draw. Clayborn gets good burst off the line, runs past the LG but gets held by the guard, then turns back when the RB runs past him, but gets blocked. Price initially gets chipped by the C, then blocked by the LG, Price gets past the guard but the RB has cut up inside of the guard, and Price is too far behind the ballcarrier. Okam is held massively around the waist by the RG, and could have been in position to stuff the run behind, or at least at, the LOS otherwise. Bennett gets tangled up with the RT and doesn't get disengaged. Geno & Quincy both get completely blocked out the play, by the TE and C respectively. Ronde gets an ankle tap on the RB as he runs past, forcing him to spin to stay on balance. Sean Jones comes in and wraps up the RB, and as the RB's knee touches the ground, the ball pops out. Biggers gets on the ball and runs with it for a little but the whistles are being blown. The RB had already rushed for 12 yards at that point. Okam could have stuffed it, but was held, though premier DTs should have been able to get the guard's arms off him so that they would have made that play. Quincy Black was most in position to make a play but couldn't even slightly shed the C's block. There are flags on the play, illegal shift on Detroit. Bucs challange the running back was down before the ball popped out. Ruling on the field is upheld. In replay, knee is blatantly down.

1st & 15: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (left) 3 WR (slot left) Stafford in shotgun. McCoy & Miller in at DT for Bucs, otherwise same personnel. Play is a play-action pass. Clayborn is blocked out the play by LT, then the RG comes over, with the LT peeling off. McCoy is blocked by the LG, tries to spin by is stopped by Miller trying to loop around. Miller is initially blocked by the C, then tries to loop round but runs into McCoy. Bennett tries to fake out the RT by shifting & sidestepping, but the RT is having none of it. All three linebackers (Hayes, Quincy, and Ronde) are fooled by the play action, let the TE & slot run straight past them. The TE has the middle of the field wide open, Stafford places it perfectly. Both safeties come crashing in, Jones wraps high, Grimm hits low, bring him down. Still a 16-ish yard gain.

Two minute warning

1st & 10: Lions line up empty backfield 1 TE (left) 4 WR (2-2, Best in slot). Pre-snap, Best motions back into the backfield, then sets up as an RB. Crowder in for Clayborn. Except for Ronde, who's lined up at LB again, all DBs are lined up about 10-11 yards off. Play is RB draw. Crowder is locked up by the LT until the RB is past him, manages to disengage and then adds to the pile after the RB is down. Miller gets blocked by the LG. McCoy gets past the RG but runs into the side of Bennett. The RT runs downfield, leaving Bennett to run upfield. Bennett sees RB running up inside, stops to change direction as McCoy runs into the side of him. Ronde reads the play well, comes down to the play, pulls up a little to evade the RT rushing up to block, then makes a beeline for the RB, wrapping up around his knees. Black reads the play but gets blocked by the C. Hayes seeds the play, gets around the TE trying to block, and lands on top of the RB as he goes down. Grimm sees the play develop and comes down but is cut low by the right slot and at the same time is blocked the right wideout. Cannot see the other three DBs at this camera angle. Gain of 3.

2nd & 7: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (right) 3 WR (slot right) Stafford in shotgun. Bucs line up same personnel, Black on LOS in strongside B gap, Geno 1yard behind line weakside B gap, both showing blitz, Ronde & Jones both in the box, Biggers & Grimm lined up about 7 yards off right-hand wideout & slot receivers respectively, Talib lined up about 10 yards off Johnson on the left of the play. Crowder pushes the LT back, then manages to get outside the LT and chases Stafford who is rolling out to his right. McCoy loops around Miller, sees a massive hole between the RG and RT which he goes for but gets picked up by the RG, but overpowers him and pushes him back towards Stafford collapsing the pocket, which forces Stafford on his roll out. Miller is initially doubleteamed by the C & RG until the RG peels off to pick off McCoy on the loop, but the LG is there to block Miller again putting him against a doubleteam, but Miller disengages when he sees Stafford rolling out and chases him down, coming close before Stafford throws the ball downfield. Bennett tries at first to go outside the RT, but then heads back inside, forcing the RT backwards into the RG, helping to collapse the pocket and sending Stafford on the roll out BUT as a result is no longer in position to keep contain. Quincy & Geno drop back, and the whole back 7 seem to be in zone again. Again, looks to me like Ronde was out of position at first because of the TE slanting inside, causing him to move with him, then back out as the TE crosses into what looks like Quincy's zone. Meanwhile, the slot initially runs a hitch, then seeing Stafford is rolling out, runs an out route. Grimm has dropped deep, implying his responsibility is the deep zone - I believe the hitch would have been in Ronde's zone. Because Ronde went to the TE, pulling him out the middle of his zone, Ronde is far behind the slot. The slot runs the out, with Ronde & Quincy now both running behind him (though not full speed). Biggers sticks with the wideout, falling back with him towards the back pylon, leaving no-one near the slot. Stafford throws to the slot, with Grimm & Biggers above him and Ronde & Quincy running towards across for him (still not full speed), and he falls back into the end zone before any of the four get to him. Touchdown.

PAT good.

20-10 Lions.

Lions kickoff. Touchback.


1st & 10: Bad editing by Fox: first time we see the possession is after the snap. From what I can see, Graham is in at RB, who is running to the flat, and there are four Bucs players who have released downfield, but based on their positioning, looks like it could have been 4 WR (1-3), with Williams on his own on the left, and Parker K2 & Brisoce (going inside-to-out) on the right. Penn begins blocking the DE, until the DT loops rounds, Penn leaves the DE to get to the DT but can't get there quick enough, DT hits Free, but the pass is already gone. Larsen starts attempting blocking a DT but cannot engage him, allowing the DT to loop around the outside of the DE (as described above). Faine is left uncovered, doesn't block anyone (looks like he's staying in case of a delayed blitz). Joseph locks up a DT and blocks him out the play. Trueblood washes the DE up and past Free, but the DE circles in and comes close. Looks like Parker is running a slant with a hook at the end of the route. Williams runs what looks like a deep curl towards the sideline, though it could be a deep out. Free places the ball just outside of him, allowing Williams to lay out for it, catch it, and roll out of bounds, killing the clock. Gain of 16.

1 & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB (Graham) 4 WR (Williams left wide Winslow left slot Parker right slot Briscoe right wide) Freeman in shotgun. Penn mirrors the DE around, trying to wash him out the play, but the DE takes a wider angle than Penn can keep up, Penn holds him considerably in order to stop him getting to Free. Larsen initially doubleteams a DT with Faine until Faine peels off. Larsen is over powered, getting pushed back the whole way, but despite not stopping the DT slows him down enough for Free to throw the ball. Faine briefly doubleteams the DT with Larsen before peeling off, looking for a blitzer, then following the other DT round but never gets in position to make a block on him. Joseph drops back, keeping Suh away from Freeman, and though he can't stop Suh moving forward he does wash him past the play. Trueblood washes the DE out the play. All four receivers seem to run go routes. Graham runs up the middle of the line the hooks 4 yards past the LOS. One defender gets a hand to him, causing him to spin, then two others come down and land solid hits on him, wrapping him up and bringing him to the ground right around the first down marker. Refs mark it short.

2nd & 1: Bucs line up 1 RB IGraham) 1 TE (Winlsow right) 3 WR (Briscoe left wide Parker right slot Williams right wide) Freeman in shotgun. Penn blocks his DE, foiling his spin move, until the DE gives up and tries to loop back inside. Larsen gets to hands on the side of the DT who stunts across, and is late reacting to Suh looping around; Larsen watches Suh go past him and tries to grab onto his arm, but the holding doesn't slow down Suh, who pressures Free. Faine drops back, then goes to the DT stunting across him, initially doubleteaming him with Joseph before Joseph peels off, and then maintains the block on his own. Joseph doubles with Faine, then peels off to pick up the DE who looped inside after Penn blocked him. Trueblood tries washing his DE upfield, but the DE spins inside him, and has a great angle on Freeman, but the ball is already away. Williams seems to run a go route, moves inside slightly but then falls out of shot of the camera. Parker and Winslow both run shallow outs. Briscoe runs would could be a post route, or could be a go and is just trying to shake the CB (moves inside slightly before he falls out of shot). Graham runs to the flat. Free appears to look very briefly to his right, his head moves infield (presumably looking for Briscoe), then throws to Graham, who's open in the flat. He catches it and, despite having a Lions defender come in and wrap him up, fights and makes it OB.

1st & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB (Graham) 4 WR (Williams left wide Parker right inside slot Winslow right outside slot Briscoe right wide). Penn drops back far waiting for the contact, but once the DE comes to him, stops him in his tracks. Larsen blocks a DT but cannot stop him, has to resort to massive holding to stop him, even when Faine comes back to doubleteam. Faine briefly blocks the DT on his right, then tries to help out Larsen with the DT on his left, although, like Larsen, has to hold the DT to stop him. Joseph blocks the DT, with Faine initially doubleteaming but quickly leaving Joseph on his own; Joseph stops the DT dead. Trueblood drops back, mirrors the DE, gets hands on the DE when he comes to him but doesn't properly engage him, although the pass is away by then. Briscoe seems to run a go route. Winslow & Williams both run post routes. Parker runs a slant route with a hook at the top, hooking at a soft spot between zones. As soon as he's caught it, defenders warp him up. Gain of 11.

Bucs take third timeout.

1st & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB (Graham) 4 WR (Williams left wide Parker left slot Winslow right slot Briscoe right wide) Freeman in shotgun. Penn mirrors the DE wide but the DE then bullrushes Penn, pushing him back, but not getting to Freeman before the ball is thrown. Larsen & Faine doubleteam the NT (Lions in 3-man DL). Joseph mirrors an LB waiting to blitz, but by the time the LB blitzes the ball is gone. Trueblood washes the DE upfield. Williams and Briscoe both run what looks like a slant-post route (short slant, then turn downfield and run a regular post route). Graham runs a curl route up the middles. Parker and Winslow both run corner routes. Freeman throws the ball outside of K2, which he reaches out for. Safety comes down and stops K2 before he gets out of bounds, though he does get the 1st down.

1st & 10: Freeman spikes the ball.

2nd & 10: Bucs line up same formation. Lions call time out.

2nd & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB (Graham) 1 TE (Winslow right) 3 WR (Williams left wide Parker left slot Briscoe right wide) Freeman in shotgun. RDE gets outside of Penn, but Penn pushes him down to the ground as he gets past. Larsen drops back looking for a rusher, doesn't see anyone and seems to get lost, but eventually find a DT coming round as the ball is thrown. Faine & Joseph doubleteam Suh, but when Joseph peels off, Faine continues to block Suh. Joseph doubleteams with Faine, the peels off to pick up the other DT who has looped round, taking over from Graham, until the DT spins off of him and into Larsen. Trueblood washes his DE past Freeman. Graham runs up, blocks the looping DT until Joseph takes over, then runs past the LOS & hooks back. Williams & Briscoe run go routes. Parker & K2 run out routes. Freeman hits K2, who runs out of bounds.

3rd & 2: Bucs send out the FG unit. Lions ice Barth.

3rd & 2: Flag on the play - unsportsmanlike conduct on Detroit, "disconcerting hand signals".

1st & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB (Graham) 4 WR (Williams left wide Parker left slot K2 right tight Briscoe right wide) Freeman in shotgun. Penn drops back mirrors DE, then blocks him when DE goes wide. Larsen partially blocks a DT thanks to holding, but DT slipped out the hold at the time the ball is thrown. Fain blocks another DT solid. Joseph drops back and picks up a blitzing LB. Trueblood gets pushed back by his DE but Free's thrown the ball by the time he gets there. Graham picks up another blitzing LB. Williams K2 & Briscoe appear to run simple go routes, Parker runs a post. Free passes at Williams, a jumpball, but the pass is broken up. Williams calls for DPI but it isn't given. Replay suggests he has a case, but he doesn't get it.

2nd & 10: Field goal is good. 20-13 Lions.

End of half.

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