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2011 Week One vs. Lions: 1st quarter

Following on from Twitter:

2nd & 8:  Lions in shotgun, 1RB, 1 TE (left), 3 WR (slot left). Bucs in nickel, McCoy & Price at DT, Bowers & Crowder at DE. Bowers go around one blocker & over powers the second, comes close to making the sack but the ball is away. Looks like Bucs are playing deep zones, since Talib is lined up opposite Johnson at the start of the play, but when Johnson makes the pass, Talib is nowhere near, but Geno & Jones are there. Jones makes a solid tackle, wraps up & brings Johnson to the ground. Still, 15 yard completion to Johnson

1st & 10: Lions in same formation as before. Bucs same personnel, Ronde covering the slot. Play is an RB Draw to the near side of the field. Bowers sees the play but struggles to detach from the blocker, Best runs round him. Bowers leans over to try and grab him but ends up on the floor. Talib stays with Calvin but sees the play coming towards him. FINALLY manages to separate from Johnson, but instead of hitting Best up high & wrapping up, dives weekly at his legs. The contact makes Best go down, but not good enough, Talib HAS to wrap up, not just hope hitting the RB's legs is enough. Looks like a 2-3 yard gain.

2nd & 8: Lions in shotgun. Stafford drops the snap but recovers it. In the replay, looks like Stafford is too busy staring at the defence trying to work out the coverage, doesn't pay attention the ball. Hits him in the hands & drops like a stone.

3rd & 12: Lions in same shotgun formation. Bucs have switched up their personnel, three man D line (Bennett/McCoy/Clayborn) with Dakota Watson as a stand-up edge rusher on the weak side. Looks like a Dime package. Biggers is lined up opposite Calvin, playing 6 yards off. Mack & Talib lined up directly across the two receivers on the far side of the field. Jones is about 8 yards off the LOS, Grimm I'm assuming is back deep. Ronde & I think Quincy are essentially lined up as the two linebackers. Play is a dumpoff to Maurice Morris who's in for the Lions at RB. Quincy is with him step-for-step the whole way, doesn't break up the pass, and when Morris catches it, Quincy just dives at Morris's feet and sorta flails his arms at him, barely touching him. Morris stays on his feet, picks up the first down. Jones gets a hand on Morris which slows him down enough for Talib to come in and hit him in the legs, successfully wrapping up around the legs, then Jones jumps on top of Morris & Grimm dives in too. Looks like an 18 yard gain for the Lions. First down.

1st & 10: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (right) 3 WR (slot right) Stafford under center. Bucs in nickel pesonnel, Ronde looks like he's lining up at Sam more than in the slot. McCoy jumps across the line, flagged for neutral zone infraction.

1st & 5: Lions line up empty backfield, 1TE (right), 4 WR (2 each side), Stafford in shotgun. Bucs have Okam & McCoy at DT, Bennet & Clayborn at DE. Talib & Biggers lined up 5 yards off the outside receivers. Slots uncovered (at least from this angle). Ronde lined up inside, not opposite, the strongside slot receiver, two LB (I imagine Geno and Quincy) lined up 5 yards behind LOS in the B gaps. At the snap, Ronde follows the TE who's going across middle of the field. One of the LBs goes to him to, which suggests the Bucs D are in zone. Stafford sees this, and sees that Talib has been left on an island to cover the two receivers lined up on the right. Talib can't cover two guys, obviously, and stays in between the two of them. Stafford passes to the slot receiver. Talib runs over to the slot receiver but the ball is in his hands before Talib gets there. Reciever had laid out for it so Talib & Black touch him down. First down.

1 & 10: Lions line up 1 RB 1 TE (right) 3 WR (slot left) Stafford in shotgun. Bucs line up same DL; Biggers & Talib lined up across from the 2 WRs lined up on the left, playing 5-6 yards off; Mack playing DEEP off the lone receiver on the right hand side (10-11 yards). Ronde lined up at Sam again. Safeties are off screen so much be deep, presumably cover 2. DL push pocket back a little but do not collapse it - Bennett is only one who gets off his block but ball is already away by then. Bucs are playing a really deep coverage. Ronde drops a little, but then comes forwards to cover Best running out the backfield. Geno is on the TE, stays with him for a bit, but Geno stops to look back for the ball & the TE shakes him. Ball sails right over Genos head into into the leaping TE's hands. As he lands, Quincy & Mack hit him. Definitely Geno's fault. Play goes for 19 yards.

1st & 10: Lions & Bucs both appear to be in the same formation (new DL for Bucs though, Bowers/Price/Okam/Crowder), though Mack now only playing 5-yards off; Grimm is on the goal line, Jones on the 5. Stafford fakes the handoff then passes to the slot who has run a hitch route. Ronde sees very quickly where the play is going and makes straight for the receiver (Burleson). Burleson catches the ball, turns downfield but Ronde is there. Burleson cuts inside and Ronde flies past, manages to get hold of his ankle but Burleson easily runs out of the tackle. However it slows him down enough for Quincy to tackle him PROPERLY, up high, wraps him up, and drives him back.

2nd & 6: Lions line up in the same formation but reversed (TE left, slot right). Bucs DBs again really far back, with Grimm lined up over the slot. Ronde is playing just on the strong side of middle, both linebackers are lined up on the LOS in the B gaps.  Quincy then signals for an adjustment, with both LBs walking away from the LOS. Quincy's back is turned when the ball is snapped. Both OTs attempt to cut block the two DEs. Crowder jumps over the guy, Bowers gets cut but stays on his feet but aren't anywhere near Stafford when he throws the ball. Ball says high and out of bounds at the back nearside corner. As the replay shows, there is an out route open underneath which Stafford either doesn't see, or just fancied his chances with the deep ball.

3rd & 6: Lions in same formation. Price & McCoy in at DT. Bucs DL can't break through the pocket at all. Stafford could have hit RB crossing underneath but instead throws to the TE who's run a post. TE subtly pushes off the DB as the ball is thrown and so is a step in front of him. Ball hits him in the hands but drops it, otherwise would have been a TD.

4th & 6: Field goal

10-6 Bucs.

Lions kick off. Touchback.

Bucs possession:

1st & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB [Blount] 1 TE [Winslow] (left) 1 Hback [Stocker] (left) 2 WR [Williams Benn] (both right), Freeman under center. Stocker motions across & back to starting point. Free takes a three-step drop. Williams and Benn both run go routes, K2 & Stocker both run up & block defenders, then peel off and look back at Free for the ball, Blount stays in to block. Penn cut blocks his DE, Trueblood attempts the cut but only slows down, doesn't stop his DE. Larsen & Faine block the DTs. Blount successfully picks up a blitzing LB in the middle (shock!), Joseph remains uncovered. Free lobs high jumpball for Williams but it's broken up by the DB.

2 & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB [Graham] 1 TE [Stocker] (left) 3 WR [Williams Benn Parker] (Parker in slot right) Josh Johnson in for Freeman, in shotgun. RB draw to Graham. Stocker runs up to a DB, looks like he's going to block him, but then stops. Strongside DE is unblocked (intentional). Penn and Larsen double team a DT, then Penn peels off to hit an incoming LB, but is pretty ineffective on the LB (irrelevant as play is pretty much over by then). Larsen left on the DT, gets overpowered, and the DT tackles Graham. Faine & Joseph double team the other DT, Faine likewise peels off to try hit an LB. Trueblood kicks back and waits for the DE, compared to the other linemen's drive blocking (again, imagine that is designed). All three LBs rush in when they see Graham get the hand off & end up adding into the tackle, the tackle started when the DT overpowered Larsen & wraped up Graham. No gain.

3 & 10: Bucs line up 1 RB [Graham] 1 TE [Winslow] (left) 3 WR [Williams Benn Parker] (Parker in slot left) Freeman in shotgun. 5 man pocket. Graham runs to the flat. K2 Williams & Benn run go routes. Parker runs an out route. Penn washes his DE out the play. Larsen gets pushed back far by the DT until Faine comes over to double him, stops the DT. Joseph stops Suh completely dead in his tracks. Trueblood gets bullrushed & pushed back into Free. Free looks down field, then to the right hand side to Graham, and dumps off to him. Graham evades one tackler but the sidestep means he stops moving forward, second tackler brings him down for a gain of 2. Preston Parker was completely open on the left side of the field, but Free never looked in that direction at all. At least part of that is because he sees Trueblood being bullrushed right into him. If Trueblood stops the DE, Free would have had time to look over to Parker. Would have been at least 8 yards and Parker was in good position to make the 1st down.


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