Friday, 30 March 2012

Play for Calico Jack

2nd & 5: Bucs line up 1RB, 1TE (right), 3 WR (slot left) tight to line, Freeman in shotgun. Looks like Graham is in at RB, Parker is lined up at X, can't see but I'd assume Williams & Benn are the other two WRs. Graham runs a route to the flat. Parker runs a hitch with a delayed in at the end of the route, but after Free scrambles he runs back outside. K2 run an out route. Other two receivers fly upfield. 5-man pocket. Penn Trueblood Larsen one on one with defenders, Faine & Joseph double a DT. Free looks downfield to his right, briefly to the outside to Graham than back into the middle, looks like he's looking at K2, who has a defender on him. One of the linebackers comes in on a delayed blitz. Trueblood washes his defender upfield, the interior lineman are pushing the DTs into each other and one of them peel off to pick up the blitzing LB, Penn has his hands on the DE, who's level with Free. Free looks over the left side of the field, draws his arm back, but then tucks the ball in and takes off. There are no defenders directly in front of him, with the linebacker's delayed blitz leaving a big hole in the middle of the field. Ther is a defender on the outside of each hasmark, one occupied with K2, the other with Parker. Free runs forward, but the DE on his left sees this and tries to cut in front. Penn moves with him, meaning Free has to use his to try push Penn out the way. Free runs forward, looks like he's trying to go around Penn but whichever way he moves, Penn seems to move with him. A defender runs up from behind and brings Free down, two-three yards shy of the  first down marker - looks like tit could be the DE who Trueblood had washed upfield. The DTs who had been clogged up by the interior OL peel off their blocks when they see Free has taken off, and join in on the tackle, but the tackle is all on the DE (#70). Gain of 2 yards for Freeman.

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